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Im a professional makeup artist, been involved in Malaysia makeup industry since year 2000 from Bridal Makeup (Engagement, Solemnization ceremony, weddings and Reception) Personal Makeup, Stage Makeup, fashion magazines/newspapers, media and covers for fashion magazines, VIP , artists Film and TV VIP's presenting from natural makeup upto face painting and avant garde makeup. I have great passion to my work, my style of makeup about creating clean flawless and natural makeup, enhancing the eyes and I believe each of my customers deserve a unique and individual style which I wish to highlight their natural beauty look by combining of simplicity, right technique and good products. Your image is who you are......You never get a second chance to make a good first impression


Cover Majalah Persona Pengantin August 2013 - Nelydia and Uqasha Senrose

Untuk Cover bulan August ni, Akak makeup bersama dgn Baby Elle...Akak makeupkan Nelydia dan Baby makeupkan Uqasha..Shooting ni dibuat di Genting Highland..Akak dgn Baby sampai di Banglo tempat shooting dlm pukul 9pagi..

Nelydia & Uqasha datang tidak lama kemudia...sampai terus aje kita start makeup..sambil di interview oleh wartawan Uqasha diinterview dulu kemudian Nelydia...kelakar betul dua beradik ni rupanya.. ada aja yang kedua-dua mengusik diantara satu sama lain pabila di tanya soalan dari wartawan...

ni la diantara in the making untuk cover kali ni

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